Add Meaningful Swag to Wedding Welcome Bags With innerSpirit Rattles

Even if your wedding is close to home, your joyful occasion will probably be “Destination Wedding” for some. Whether you’re the bride, or the mother-of-the-bride you will be grateful for an easy to love wedding favor to stuff in your guest’s gift bags.

Get the party started, show some gratitude, and create a mood of celebration with innerSpirit Rattles.Butterfly Raku Heart Rattle (rk-hu)

innerSpirit Rattles are palm-sized ceramic rattles that help remind people to count their blessings and to worry less. Think gratitude when you see an innerSpirit Rattles. Feel gratitude when you hold one. Spread gratitude when you shake it. Tip: The more you shake the better for us all.

Any of the rattles will become a cherished memory for your friends and family, but particularly the Butterfly design.  The card reads, “Symmetry and colorful
patterns make butterflies a symbol of nature’s grace and beauty. These winged pollinators and wildlife food source is an indicator of a diverse ecosystem and a healthy environment.”

innerSpirit Rattles are handmade by J. Davis Studio in Alpine, TX with clay made in Austin, and are an authentic and affordable gift of traditional American craftsmanship. Visit to find a retailer near you.