Artist, John Davis

“When our daughters were little girls, they would take toy shovels and go out and dig all over the place. They were always digging for treasure, always excited about digging for treasures. That gave me the idea to make objects that reminded me of something that could have been dug up in an archeological dig.” ~ John Davis

“I’ve lived all my life in the Chihuahuan Desert and am deeply inspired by its rugged terrain, subtle colors, and remarkable beauty. My work reflects the incredible hues of the mountain sunsets, the diverse vegetation, and the variability of this untamed region.”  ~ John Davis


  • “You are absolutely one of our best ice breaker conversation starters in the store.”  ~ Justin O’Connor, Manager of Museum Shop, Blanton Museum of Art, The University of Texas at Austin
  • “I had to share with you that your bio and table tent info brought tears to my eyes and my heart is so full of Love! And excitement, because that is exactly why I decided to open up a store ….so people could empower themselves by bringing peace and love back to the forefront of their daily lives using small, beautiful tools like your rattles. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Blessings, Blessings, Blessings” ~ Char Jung, Soul & Surroundings
  • “I photocopied the wonderful page which you send that tells the story of Gratitude and give it to our customers who purchase the rattles. They even ask for a copy to enclose with a gift purchase. Good job.” ~ Cynthia, Connor Hotel
  • “At the gallery we have a sign that says, “place rattle in palm and shake gently” and people will stand there and pick up each one and get totally absorbed in the rattle experience.” ~ Sheri Fox, Trios Gallery

Retail Customers

  • “My husband and I produce an annual conference which requires a dedicated and hardworking volunteer staff. We always give them a special gift to express our love and gratitude. Your heart rattles were perfect and our staff loved them! I also kept one for myself, which I use with my daily prayers, and I plan to give others to my parents’ caretakers, my daughter, and special friends. Thank you so much for your loving creations!” ~ Ruth Ann
  • “I was looking for something just truly unique on our trip and stopped in an art gallery in the Denver airport and found your artwork. I have my Raku rattle next to my workspace and when I need to slow down or count my blessings, I pick it up and it gives me a great deal of pleasure and brings calm to my day.” ~ Anne
  • “Was looking for a special Christmas gift for my aunt and uncle who are in their late 70’s. They have lived in Arizona for the past 47 years and will regrettably be moving to Canada in April. They’ve been downsizing and getting rid of many of their possessions. Thus making it difficult to find something to purchase for them. When I saw your Raku Heart-Shaped Rattles, in the gift shop, I knew that I had found the perfect gift. My uncle is an artist himself and he and his wife would appreciate the design, craftsmanship and attention to detail that you put into your pieces. I enclosed this note with the rattle: “A special present for you . . . Small enough to take along on your new journey Perfectly shaped to say you are loved Design and color of the Southwest you love And noisy enough to remind you of all three.” I look forward to purchasing more of your pieces in the future.” ~ Andrea
  • “I just ordered my third and fourth dozen rattles. I give them as gifts and everyone loves them. It feels so good to give them…seeing the joy and how touched people are by them. Four more just left, on their way to Bastrop Fire Victims. Now the people I’ve given them to, want more to give as gifts…What a joy you all have shared. Peace and Happiness” ~ Linda