Give Dad a Mindful Gift and Fewer Worries This Father’s Day

innerSpirit Rattles relieve stress and incorporate art:

innerSpirit Rattles unite sound, motion, and beauty to create an artful relaxation tool. They are a small, but thoughtful gift for fathers looking for stress relief, especially on the job stress, because not only do they help calm, they can also serve as a paperweight desk accessory. 

Today’s new technologies make it easier to study the brain, and studies have proven that managing emotions by focusing on the present moment, not worrying about the past or the future helps bring calm. Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to only what is happening right now. Being mindful means observing feelings, but not judging whether they are good or bad. Like prayer, the mindfulness practice of gratitude helps stop negative thoughts.

Even the military accept that balancing mind, body and spirit is necessary for wellbeing for veterans. A study partially funded by the U.S. Department of Defense, showed that daily mindfulness exercises improves mood and fosters thought processes required for problem solving and emotion control.

Managing intense emotions is difficult for most, but even more so with those diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Uncontrolled extreme emotions of anger, fear, and sadness lead to impulsive and unhappy behaviors. Mindfulness is not so much about being happy, but being at peace with what you can and cannot change.

My heart belongs to daddyRelaxing sounds help you stay focused. Rattles are usually the first musical instruments we played as children, and always add energy and vitality to any music. Both delightful and healing, pleasant sound helps reduce chronic pain and improve mood.

Even if circumstances won’t allow you to shake it, like a lucky pair of socks, keeping innerSpirit Rattles close by help you find confidence, whenever you choose, wherever you need it. Keeping one nearby- on a desk, a bookshelf, a bedside table- will serve to remind your dad to focus on the good in his life.

innerSpirit Rattles are handmade at the independent pottery studio, J. Davis Studio, in Alpine, TX, a small secluded town nestled in between Big Bend National Park and Marfa, TX. Established in 1987, the owners John Davis and his wife, Robin, recognized the rattles were special. People were drawn to them, but they all had trouble describing why.

The couple figured it out at an art show in El Paso the weekend after 9/11. People were walking around with heavy hearts craving connection. Visiting artists and patrons instinctively picked up a rattle, held it gently, and shook it. They became a welcomed conversation piece, “But… what are they for?” everyone asked. Robin told them to think of them as a worry stone… one that rattles.

The rattles were so successful at bringing kindred spirits together that weekend on their drive back to Alpine it occurred to the couple there was something besides the tangible that created such joy.

Robin reasoned “It must be the energy in the Chihuahuan Desert. It has its ways of reinforcing faith, dredging up unknown inner strength, and creating appreciation for even the smallest things in life. Maybe, just maybe, this gratitude is captured inside the innerSpirit Rattles.”

John smiled and nodded “Maybe you’re right.”

innerSpirit Rattles are carried across the U.S. in American craft galleries as well as gift shops in and museums, hospitals, churches, health resorts, spas, yoga studios, and spiritual retreats.

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