innerSpirit Rattles are an award winning gift

innerSpirit Rattles are an award winning gift.

Go ahead. Pick up this innerSpirit Rattle

People feel the connection when they hold one

The rattles were a New Age Retailer (now Retailing Insight Magazine) finalist for the “Best in Body, Mind and Spirit” Narcissus Award. More than 4,500 products were nominated by indie reviewers and retailers of the body, mind, and spirit marketplace. The trade magazine’s editors then selected 30 finalists – 10 in each of 3 categories: books, giftware, and music. The rattles were in the 10 ten gift category!

The artist, John Davis, is a NICHE Award winner. Seeking excellence and innovation in American craft, the editors of NICHE Magazine, along with a panel of gallery owners, guild and museum directors, curators, craft industry experts and arts advocates juried nearly 2,000 entries from the U.S. and Canada.

Balancing mind, body and spirit has become customary for wellbeing. Besides the American craft galleries and gift shops who have ordered innerSpirit Rattles steadily over the years, our assortment of retailers keeps growing to include gift shops located inside museums, hospitals, churches, resorts, spas, yoga studios, and spiritual retreats.

Sound helps keep you focused, mindful and in the moment. An innerSpirit Rattle fits in the palm of your hand. You will feel an instant emotional connection to its beauty, its texture, and its small size, but it is the music you’ll make with it that may nurture your strongest connection.

Promoting a sense of peace gives us peace. After a brief silence following the 9/11 tragedy, our phones started ringing off the wall. People needed the innerSpirit Rattles more than ever in the year that followed. Knowing that we might have brought even a tiny bit of calm or joy to someone’s life is what makes our world go-round.

We are extraordinarily blessed.