… John and his daughters on a hike in Big Bend National Park in 1995….


Native Americans used rattles to bestow blessings upon their crops. Use your innerSpirit Rattle to help rattle some rain into your life, some rain out of your life, to rattle your worries away, or just to keep your papers from blowing astray.

Ceramic artist, John Davis, was born and raised in Alpine, Texas.
Located in far west Texas, in the peaceful Chihuahuan Desert and the land of the playful Marfa Lights, the area is fertile with inspiration. John’s art carries with it a sense rich with history and rustic romance of the isolated and primitive beauty.

Inspiration for John’s Raku innerSpirit Rattles came while watching his young daughters digging for “treasures” with their toy shovels in the ground around their house. The girls’ trappings – unusual rocks, rusted horseshoes, tarnished coins – discovered on terrain once roamed by nomadic Indians, African American Buffalo Soldiers, and Mexican revolutionaries, led John to create work that epitomized the soul and culture of the land.


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