Hannah & Michaela 1994

Halloween 1994

What is the story behind innerSpirit Rattles?

When our daughters were very young they would take their toy shovels and buckets to go “treasure hunting” in the pasture around our house. Michaela and Hannah were always so excited about their plunder; an odd shaped rock, an over-sized seed, a bleached bone from some long-gone wild animal. 

Their happiness was pure and blissful as they showed and told us about what they’d found. We wished we could capture that joy… to swoop it up and put it into a jar to set next to their loot on their bedside table to save for stormy days.

This gave John an idea to create something simple & earthy.

He came across the story of raku. Developed by a 16th century Japanese tea master who desired tea bowls that were handmade and irregularly shaped, with uneven glaze and cracks, a defiant beauty in their deliberate imperfection. Rebelling against the ostentatiousness of gold filigree and perfect porcelain cups cherished in the day, the Japanese tea ceremony became a ritual calling for harmony and compassion. An ancient aesthetic philosophy rooted in Zen Buddhism, the aesthetic of beauty of simplicity and harmony is called wabi-sabi.

“I didn’t want to imitate anything. I wanted to create the essence of a child’s unearthed treasure, an odd object that looks like it could have been used hundreds of years ago, but there’s really no explanation for them.” ~John Davis

innerSpirit Rattles are odd and beautifully imperfect.
Just like life 700 years ago. Just like life today.

Happy Hands

                      Here’s to a wabi-sabi life.