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The hollow middle and puffy hard clay shell make innerSpirit Rattles the perfect carrier for a harvest of deep gratitude that flows from the remote and peaceful desert where they are made. When shaken, coppery balls dance and bounce around inside stirring and spreading the bounty for everyone to share. Shake to the rhythm of your favorite music, or the beat of your own drum.

With a story is so full of happiness and gratitude, innerSpirit Rattles trigger a spontaneous feeling of thankfulness. Voted a top 10 gift by retailers of the body, mind, and spirit marketplace, and designed by an award winning artist, innerSpirit Rattles “spark joy” with their earthy beauty, gentle sound, and meaningful story cards. Mixing sound and motion encourages a sense of play that nurtures the mind, body and spirit, creates natural stress relief and boosts wellbeing.

Top 12 reasons innerSpirit Rattles spark joy:

  1. They pack a lot of meaning for such a small work of American craft.
  2. Palmsized and multi-purpose, they make perfect gifts for those embracing the minimalist movement, and the KonMari Method to declutter and downsize belongings for simple living.
  3. Raku pottery was developed by a young 16th century Japanese tea master around the wabi-sabi subculture that was rebelling against the ornamental, lavish and ostentatious perfection of the consumer culture at the time. A social movement with an artisan spirit, wabi-sabi aesthetics and the Way of Tea was about extreme simplicity. Quiet mindful artwork made from earthy materials was valued for its asymmetrical, unpretentious, and imperfectly flawed beauty.
  4. A vase of innerSpirit Rattles can be shaped for the perfect home decorThey are made in the land of Big Bend National Park and Marfa, where one of the world’s favorite minimalist, Donald Judd, chose to create the world renown, Chinati Foundation.
  5. From the time the pottery studio was officially established in 1987, it has supported jobs in a tiny and remote island of a town that’s completely surrounded, not by water, but by hundreds of miles of rugged the Chihuahuan Desert.
  6. They are a musical instrument.
  7. They are experiential, the mix of motion and sound create natural stress relief and promote well-being.
  8. They mare made in rural America with clay made in America, in Alpine, TX  with clay made Austin, TX.
  9. They can be used as a paperweight.
  10. They can be grouped in a bowl or a glass vase to create the perfectly sized, powerfully moving, and uniquely shaped home accessory.
  11. The packaging material is purchased from another small independent local business.
  12. No two look or sound alike.

Keep a bucketful of rattles around for easy and meaningful hostess giftsWe’ve put together some links to make it easy for you to share.

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