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I ordered a rattle and it had a flaw. I phoned the studio and the most beautiful experience transpired. I know that these rattles are constructed out of LOVE! Thank you for your wonderful customer service, patience and understanding. My replacement rattle arrived today and this butterfly rattle is more than I hoped for, what a powerful energy she exudes. My gratitude is endless. Thank you for all your time, effort and hard work. It is appreciated! Light and Love to you.
by: Kelly Faubert

My dear friend passed away in October, and friends who were distributing her possessions sent me a beautiful heart rattle, because I love hearts and my friend. I keep it on the table by my bed, hold it and think of her and how grateful I am for our years of friendship. It didn't come with a box or any description. Imagine my surprise tonight when I was shopping at a gallery in town and found a display of these rattles! Even more grateful now to know more about this beautiful artwork. Hope
by: Hope Riley
Our reply: Hi Hope, Thank you for your wonderful story. I am going to share it with the guys that work here in the studio. They work very hard and miss alot of great stories such as yours. Thanks Again John Davis JDavisStudio

I have happily over the years received several Inner Spirit Rattles as gifts, and have enjoyed displaying them in various ways. One day as I added pretty rocks, mineral specimens to top a new dough bowl succulent garden for my covered patio, I thought to add my I. S. rattles casually to the mix! Shazaam! Prettiest container garden ever!
by: Patsy Ljungdahl
Our reply: Hey... we love succulents, too! Thanks for sharing Patsy.

My birthday is on Valentine's Days. Needless to say, I have a real appreciation of hearts. I always have a heart "something" with me at all times. For my 49th birthday, my older sister gave me the heart rattle. I was so touched and appreciative. For work I have over an commute each way. so when I am in bad traffic, I take it out and shake it. It calms me and I am more relaxed on the drive. Then, I started taking that heart with me everywhere...I would hold it with all my might and then something "good" always followed a few days later. I am grateful for the wonderful things happening in my life.
by: Julie
Our reply: What a wonderful story, Julie! Thank you so much for sharing. Since your birthday will soon be here... Happy Birthday!

I worked at J Davis Studio in Alpine Texas....they amazed me with the products they put out...I was proud to be a part of helping with some of them...they are very dedicated in their work and proud of what they put out there...never heard any complaints when I was there...the rattles and ornaments are beautiful....please check out J Davis Studio's website
by: Deborah Denton
Our reply: Hey Debbie! We've been working on our website, and for some reason we couldn't log into our new comments page. Your note was such a nice surprise! Thank you for sharing your memory. We miss you!

My husband and I produce an annual conference which requires a dedicated and hardworking volunteer staff. We always give them a special gift to express our love and gratitude. Your heart rattles were perfect and our staff loved them! I also kept one for myself, which I use with my daily prayers, and I plan to give others to my parents' caretakers, my daughter, and special friends. Thank you so much for your loving creations!
by: Ruth Ann Amberstone

Our reply: Thank you for posting your story Ruth Ann! We are proud to be a part of your generosity!

I first encountered J Davis's rattles in the tiny town of Hanford, California and then one of them turned up at the home of a friend of mine in Vancouver, Canada. Small world, eh?
by: Patty

This goes in the small world category. I bought one of your rattles at Sleeping Lizards in Denton, Texas. I did not read the enclosure with the rattle -- I just loved it and knew my friend Ellen needed it (I got one for resilience). Ellen told me she loved it and how cool she thought it was that it was from Alpine. I said WHAT? I lived in Alpine for 6 years!! I will be buying more. They are wonderful.
by: Nancy
Our reply: Small world stories are the best. This is a great one. Thank you for posting Nancy!

I have received a rattle as a loving gift and have given them as well..I love it when John introduces me to his friends "I would like you to meet John Davis"..thanks
by: john

looking forward to renewing our inventory of your wonderful product
by: Robert

Love the new designs! They are so fun, and the colors for the feather rattles are beautiful.
by: Jackie

Love the bird rattles!
by: laura

Love the bird them. Bettie
by: The Little House

We love your work!
by: Hourglass Gifts and Gallery

LOVE the colors of the raku - stunning!
by: Melanie

I was unaware of your beautiful work until a friend gave me one of your rattles for my birthday. She bought it at Ojo Caliente in New Mexico. The colors are fabulous, and the rattle is calming and meditative. I'm so glad to find out about you! Thank you for making such exquisite works of art.
by: C. Gordon

Love your work do you sell in England? Bryan
by: Bryan Parker

I just ordered my third and fourth dozen rattles. I give them as gifts and everyone loves them. It feels so good to give them...seeing the joy and how touched people are by them. Four more just left, on their way to Bastrop Fire Victims. Now the people I've given them to, want more to give as gifts...What a joy you all have shared. Peace and Happiness
by: Linda
Our reply: Thank you Linda. This makes my heart happy. Peace and happiness to you as well. <3 Robin

Positive energy surrounds the rattles. That must be why they are are so popular with people all over the country. May you enjoy much peace and prosperity on every level. Nancy
by: Quiet Spaces

Do you know how many good things are said about your company amongst retailers? That's a sign of a good business.
by: Katy & Judy

Customers come in looking for the rattles.... "The Rattles" and "The Socks".
by: Abloom

We have a lot of high end customers who you wouldn't expect it, but they collect your rattles.
by: Musings Artist Inspired

I think the info that comes with your products is fabulous! Debra
by: Perspectives at Moonlight Beach

Hello there, I am an admirer of your ceramic hearts. I have a tradition of giving them to friends as wedding gifts.
by: Ali

Was looking for a special Christmas gift for my aunt and uncle who are in their late 70's. They have lived in Arizona for the past 47 years and will regrettably be moving to Canada in April. They've been downsizing and getting rid of many of their possessions. Thus making it difficult to find something to purchase for them. When I saw your Raku Heart-Shaped Rattles, in the gift shop, I knew that I had found the perfect gift. My uncle is an artist himself and he and his wife would appreciate the design, craftsmanship and attention to detail that you put into your pieces. I enclosed this note with the rattle. A special present for you . . . Small enough to take along on your new journey Perfectly shaped to say you are loved Design and color of the Southwest you love And noisy enough to remind you of all three. I look forward to purchasing more of your pieces in the future.
by: Andrea

I had to share with you that your bio and table tent info brought tears to my eyes and my heart is so full of Love! And excitement, because that is exactly why I decided to open up a store people could empower themselves by bringing peace and love back to the forefront of their daily lives using small, beautiful tools like your rattles.Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Blessings, Blessings, Blessings,
by: Char

The most frequent comment we hear in our gallery about your Inner Spirit Rattles is they have a calming effect. People are endlessly intrigued by them and often purchase them as gifts.
by: Ellen Rice

Hope we can get more before Christmas- know we are only hoping!! Thanks- your work is so popular here!
by: Phoenix Gallery

Hi Robin, I spoke to John last week, he told me that he was going to be in Wimberley. So my husband and I drove up this evening and met with John. The ornaments are beautiful. I bought 6 and should bought 6 more. They will make great Christmas presents. We enjoyed meeting John. He made us feel like we had known him forever. Thanks again for your help. God Bless, Brenda
by: Brenda

I have a customer that is collecting all your ornaments. I need to know if you will be making any new designs in the near future. She has 2 or 3 of all your designs and wants MORE! Thank you and love showing all your art off, Cynthia James
by: Artefactz

I can see you work as hard on the weekends this time of year as we do! :) We look forward to expanding the line in the Spring - looks like your work is definitely a good fit for our shop. Kristi M. Taylor
by: Taylor's Art and Soul Gallery

I photocopied the wonderful page which you send that tells the story of Gratitude and give it to our customers who purchase the rattles. They even ask for a copy to enclose with a gift purchase. Good job.
by: Cynthia

This is Tomoyo from Little Angel shop. People love your products and I love to order more. Thank you so much. I love to sell a lot of your products. Regards, Tomoyo
by: Tomoyo

UNBELIEVABLE!!!... We are blown away with this piece... you are a fantastic artisan... .... it is unbelievable... thank you for sending it to us!... leonard...
by: Leonard Krisman

I remember making a rattle comment on Twitter. It said ("So... where is everyone?? It's oddly quiet this beautiful Sunday afternoon. Don't make me use my spirit rattle to make it rain again!") and I certainly remember that very quiet, too sunny pre-Christmas day. Everyone was at the beach instead of shopping! It's fun to have something interactive for people to play with. At the gallery we have a sign that says "place rattle in palm and shake gently" and people will stand there and pick up each one and get totally absorbed in the rattle experience. Then there are those people who shake them vigorously and then stop and wait for something to happen. I'm not sure what they expect exactly - it's kind of interesting to watch. And funny.
by: Sheri Fox

Dear John: I have been trying to reach you some way as my cat has broken my very favorite piece that was made by you. My husband purchased me one of you Floral vases-vessels in Sedona Arizona about 9 years ago. I was wondering if you still make this beautiful piece it is the most beautiful piece I have ever seen!! I still have most of it to show to you if you are interested in making another one?? Or if you have any similar to this one I would be elated!! Please contact me to let me know where of how I can find one of your pieces like the one that is now broken. Thank you... very upset and sad!!! Kathy Fusco
by: Kathy Fusco

I sold these rattles for several years in my shop and enjoyed how my customers responded to their tactile nature, and pleasant sound .Now I REALLLLLYYYY MISS handling them especially the angel ones
by: Marlene Beauchamp

I was looking for something just truly unique on our trip and stopped in an art gallery in the Denver airport and found your artwork. I have my Raku rattle next to my workspace and when I need to slow down or count my blessings, I pick it up and it gives me a great deal of pleasure and brings calm to my day.
by: Anne Dovel

My partner and I bought 10 rattles to give as Christmas gifts to friends and clients - and they loved them. We then bought 10 more to keep as gifts for birthdays and other occasions - and we have already found reasons to give them all away within just 8 weeks! That?s because people are so moved by them and it feels great to give them as gifts and bring others joy. The rattles are very special. The dragonfly symbolizes transformation, the heart is love, raku is an ancient art, they are a perfect size, they can be used in spiritual ritual, or sit beautifully on a coffee table or desk - as a reminder of the person who gave it to you and the loved shared between you AND they are works of art by a wonderful, talented artist! We LOVE the rattles - thank you John, for creating them!!!
by: beverly hughes

I just received my first dragonfly heart rattle for Valentines. i absolutely love it and know that its not my last piece! I plan collecting as many as I can over my lifetime. Its beautiful and makes me smile everytime I stare at it or rattle it! Thank you for this piece. norma
by: Norma

I got one of these heart dragonfly ones, and the other heart one with the swirls because I couldn't decide which I liked better. I just received them the other day. I am thrilled with these shakers. I love how they sound, and the beads against the colors of the pottery are so cool! I have a few different rattles around since I have always liked rattles - I think it helps me get in touch with my inner child. lol Anyway, what I like about these is that they're so different and very adult looking. It really does look like a piece of art. I also haven't seen anything like these before, and they just seem so happy to play with. I've never tried space clearing before, like it says in the description, but after getting these, I think I may try that out now.
by: EChord

Purchased this as a gift for a friend who is a "dragonfly goddess"; she loved it. This is a unique and beautiful piece of art for that dragonfly person in your life.
by: Richard C. Waszak

Since you can't shake this rattle yourself, you are just going to have to trust me-you want one! At first my assistant didn't quite "get" this rattle, now we can't get her to give it back! She loves it! Shaking brings about a sense of grounding and peace.
by: Femail Creations