Why Rattles?

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It seems so simple – almost too simple.

When we explain our creations to people who’ve never seen them, it’s like trying to explain the comfort of a friend’s hand pressed into yours at a time of need, or why the tune of a lullaby sung to you as a child still brings a smile to your face.

If you’ve never experienced it, you can’t quite describe it. But if you know that feeling of peace, you always cherish feeling it again.

Rattles have been used for meditation in countless cultures, and are commonly used in music to create a subtle, scarcely noticed rhythm that permeates the bones. Our innerSpirit Rattles help you summon calm, whenever you choose, wherever you need it.

The soothing sound lulls you into mindfulness and peace, and the smooth touch of the delicate skin of the rattle will have you turning it over in your hand like a reverie. People who love our rattles tell us they bring them everywhere to remind them of the comfort that can be summoned from within us all. They use them to stay mindful of all that is good and to find peace even within the most difficult storms.

And, of course, to take joy in what is beautiful.

When you hold one of our rattles, you’ll enjoy the same experience many do when first encountering our work: first you’ll admire its beauty, and then you’ll smile at the comforting sound. Finally, you’ll realize you have been turning it over in your hand, and that you don’t wish to let it go because of the inner comfort it brings.

The gentle sound of our innerSpirit Rattles will help you summon calm, whenever you choose, wherever you are.

innerSpirit Rattles can be a powerful meditation tool to help lull you into a state of mindfulness and peace. When your mind starts to drift, a simple shake will bring your wayward thoughts back under control. Their old world beauty, smooth earthy touch, will have you turning the artifact-looking treasure over in your hand like a reverie. It just fits.

Please explore our rattle collection on our website as well as our Raku ornaments. Learn about the process of creation,  and read some of the beautiful stories people have shared.

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