The Village Gallery in La Villita Historic Arts Village in San Antonio

418 Villita St, Bldg 10,
San Antonio, TX 78205

Click for a map of La Villita and of the Downtown San Antonio River Walk.

Opened since 1972, the Village Gallery in the La Villita Historic Arts Village behind the open air Arneson River Theater on the San Antonio River Walk is an American craft gallery that specializes in handmade stoneware and high fired porcelain pottery that is mostly produced by the owners, Walt and Cynthia Glass, at their studio in McQueeney, Texas

With over over 200 designs it’s no wonder Walt and Cynthia’s pottery has been a favorite with the locals for over 40 years!

Walt has been producing pottery at his McQueeney Pottery since he took his first pottery class in college in 1967. His former art teacher must be proud that she helped stir something that lasted so long, and that led to quite a few new ceramic artists. McQueeney Pottery has provided jobs to many struggling artists who have then gone on to start their own line of pottery and several who have even opened their own galleries, and at least one is a professor of art himself.

McQueeney Pottery is also carried by some of the finer gift shops and American craft galleries across the United States, so it is a real treat to get to talk to the artists in person, and on special occasions you’ll often finding Walt doing a pottery demonstration on the La Villita plaza in front of their gallery.

McQueeney Pottery by Walt Glass at Brooke Pottery Lakeland, FLBelieving in quality over quantity, each piece is hand thrown one piece at a time. The colorful glazes are FDA tested and approved, lead-free, dishwasher and microwave safe and oven proof.

Special orders for dinnerware sets and bridal registries are welcome and in fact are a long time tradition in the San Antonio area.

Walt and Cynthia’s roots run deep in the San Antonio. Both graduated from University of the Incarnate Word and are very involved with programs that help feed the hungry as well as Meals on Wheels. Kind and generous, and they are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. John and I feel very grateful to be associated with such genuine people doing such good things.

When you’re on the River Walk, be sure to visit La Vallita, San Antonio’s first neighborhood that has forever been home to creatives, entrepreneurs, and big thinkers, and where Makers started a “handmade economy” long (long) before the 21st century.