Tips for creating a meaningful space

Creating a meaningful space

Wabi-sabi is the 16th century Japanese philosophy that places value on simplicity, imperfection, and the transience of all living things.

Reflecting on gratitude when things are not going the way you expected is made easier by incorporating imperfect items of sentimental value into your living space.

Here are 3 tips to creating a home that reminds you to enjoy the imperfection of life:

  • Decorate with handmades. Items made by hand are naturally imperfect. That’s part of what makes them special. Raku pottery was created by a 16th century Japanese tea master in retaliation to the porcelain perfection revered at the time. Raku was deliberate imperfection. The variations in colors, shape, and even the small cracks in the raku tea bowls became highly treasured.
  • Celebrate the seasons. Changing out a display inside a glass vase with fallen leaves, bare branches, a wildflowers, or shells collected during a summer vacation help remind you to enjoy the season, and the transience and beauty of the changing flora and fauna.
  • Create a meaningful niche. Designating a small alcove for treasures near and dear to you can help remind you to count your blessings. Choose keepsakes like innerSpirit Rattles to focus your attention on to help shut out everyday distractions and prevent your wandering mind from worrying about last night’s dishes still in the sink.