Find articles and products for healthy living at whisperingtree.netWhisperingtree.net is an online resource for conscious living and wellness. We carry one of a kind gemstone and precious metal jewelry from emerging artists. We offer meditation tools and education.

At whisperingtree.net, we believe that spirituality and spiritual healing is an individual journey. We provide information, products and services that support mind, body and spirit.

Company Overview

Whisperingtree.net is an online resource for spiritual living and wellness. We provide information, articles and products to assist you in bringing basic values home: wellness, self empowerment and balance.


Whisperingtree.net brings you artists whose art isn’t just pretty , but which are also working tools holding great depth and spiritual connection. Some of our most popular items include unique gemstone jewelry by our hand selected jewelry artists, gorgeous raku rattles by potter John Davis, and powerful animal totem carvings from the Zuni tribe. Our core values are Quality, Integrity and Service, and we strive every day to maintain the highest standards.